• Specifications of the 2002 Ford Ranger. Body Style: 2-door regular Cab, 2-door SuperCab, 4-door SuperCab: EPA Size Class
  • A couple of things to notice from transmission gear Ratios 1. Ratios between 5sp and 6sp ratios are essentially the SAME! The 6sp only gives you an extra overdrive gear. 2. BMW uses 2 different 5sp transmission for e46s depending if you have a 328/330 or a 323/325. 328/330 use a ZF transmission and the 323/325 use a Getrag transmission.
  • SME 3523 Tutorial 8 – Gear Train . 1. Table 1 shows Ford Powershift® 6-speed automated manual transmission gear ratios fitted to Ford Fiesta. The numbers represent the ratio of engine revolution (gearbox input) to gearbox output shaft revolution. In terms of equation 13-29a, the gear ratios can be shown as . 1. n n output = engine gear ratio (1)
  • Rebuilt T-17x (T176, T177, T178) Transmission . Compatible with AMC I4 & I6 engines, and adaptability to GM and Ford engines. Aluminum case and top cover. Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in forth gear. Stronger than the base-option transmissions during this era. Compatible with the Dana 300. 1980-1986 Jeeps. Make - Tremec (Ford) Length ...
  • Hi guys I live in the Netherlands and drive a long bed '71 2 wheeler F-100, with a V8, 302 cid, 3 on the three. The transmission is making a lot of noise in first and second gear, so i got me a used Ford 3.03 RAT toploader trans and an overhaul kit from the US to get going.
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  • 1932 Ford Boydster II designed by Chip Foose, Multiple award-winner, 510 original miles, 502 fuel injected ram jet chromed engine, 6 speed corvette transmission, 3.73 gear ratio, air conditioning, power windows, one off custom hidden retractable soft top, hidden stereo, retractable license plate, polished suspension components and rear ...

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • 1983-1998 Mustang 4.10 & 3.73 Ratio White 23 Tooth Speedometer Speedo Gear. ... Automatic Transmission Speedometer Recalibration Gear. ... gear, fits Ford NP203 ...

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • Use this gear ratio calculator to see what ring & pinion gear ratio will be right for you after a tire size change. Access Optimum Transmission Gear Ratios Calculator RICHMOND is the leading manufacturer of professional quality, hi-performance ring and pinion sets.

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • 3rd Gear: 1 to 1: 3rd Gear: 1 to 1: Ford & Mercury Cars. 1951-54 As Listed. Note: Beginning with 1951 vehicles, Ford changed to a new style gear with different tooth counts than previously used. This resulted in a slight change in gear ratios from the 1949-50 gearbox. With the 28-24-18-14

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • Apr 01, 2010 · By now, you've all heard of the Ford-engineered, Ford-built, 6.7L V-8 Power troke set to debut this year. And now we've got info on Ford's new six-speed, heavy-duty TorqShift automatic transmission.

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • The wide-ratio 4R70W gearset improves acceleration with a 2.84:1 first gear winding out to a .70 over-drive ratio. If you have the budget, the aftermarket has your 4R70W performance parts. Baumann Electronic Controls offers a wide variety of performance parts and control systems for the AOD.

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • Sep 14, 2020 · Details about 3speed toploader 3.03 transmission 1966 1965-72 Ford F100 ... K19=Oct/19. Gear ratio 2.99/1.75/1.00. ... Fury 426 Street Wedge Classic Ford Muscle Cars ...

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

  • Transmission gear ratios. The following are some of the transmissions that I feel are worth considering when performing an engine swap in a M37 or similar vehicle. This is not meant to be an exhaustive chart and it and the brief descriptions underneath are culled from various sources on the internet.

    Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

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Used up to 3/03/89. Generally had 21 spline output but 23 spline possible. Notes: 1 1/8 inch 10 spline input shaft. Aluminum intermediate plate. 23 spline output. Replaced BA10/5 after 3/03/89. 2000-2004: 2005-2008 2001-2004: Name: NV3550 Speeds: 5 Case Length: 16.750" Bolt Pattern: Name: NSG370 Speeds: 6 Case Length: 16.750" Bolt Pattern: Name ...

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Help save your customers money by replacing just the component instead of the entire assembly. Whether it’s solenoids, transfer cases, control valves or gear shift levers, Ford has the transmission components designed to fit Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Download catalog PDF
Mostly specific difference between 5R55W (wide shift) and 5R55S (synchronic shift) is a different overdrive planet gear ratio. Entry-level models of the 2008 Ford FG Falcon were the newest recipients of the 5R55 transmission. Applications: 1997 Ford Aerostar (with 4.0 V6 engine) 1997-2011 Ford Ranger; 1997–2010 Mazda B-Series; 1997–2010 ...

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A Toploader transmission is a manually shifted three and four speed gearbox introduced in 1963 by the Ford Motor Company to replace the BorgWarner T-10. It was used in most Fords and Mercurys from 1964 until 1973 as well as some foreign models. Officially designated the 3.03 three speed or Ford design four speed.The 3.03 is the centerline distance between counter shaft and mainshaft.

With additional gear reductions in both first and second gear, these gear sets work well in all applications requiring an additional gear for better take-off. From heavy drag cars to off-road 4x4s to tow trucks, a TCI® Low Gear Planetary can improve low end torque without adversely affecting the final drive ratio.
Recommend semi-close ratio version - the ratios are closer to Volvo ratios - 3.36 1st, 1.81 2nd, 1.26 3rd, 1.00 4th, .825 5th - $1975. - Email to confirm current availability and price . Transmission dimensions: 23.5" overall from transmission face to end of tail; 22" from transmission face to center of shifer; width 7"; height 10"; input shaft ...

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Apr 20, 2008 · Are automatic transmission ratios 3.52 3.79 4.11 4.39 Are the only manual transmission ratios ever put in a Metro. XFI’s have the same 3.79 gear ratio as newer four cylinders. There was never a 3.85 or a 3.95 manual transmission Metro, at least not in the states.
Tremec T56 Magnum Manual Transmission 6-Speed 1 1/8", 26 Spline with 2.97:1 Gear Ratio for Ford V8 Part# TUET16884 $3,599.99 Tremec T56 MAGNUM-F Transmission 6-speed TUET16363 - Wide Ratio 2.97 First Gear

Ford 3.03 transmission gear ratios

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P0735 Ford Gear 5 Incorrect Ratio. Possible causes – Low transmission fluid level – Dirty transmission fluid – Shift solenoids – Transmission mechanical problems

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- Richmond Gear information taken from JBA and Summit Racing catalogs. - T56 ratios are for the Ford aftermarket version. The GM and Chrysler versions have different ratios. - All gear ratios are for Ford versions of the particular transmissions. - Concerning the SVO 4 cylinder transmission ratios, Dan Malek notes: I have yet to find a '85 or ... First offered in full sized Ford cars and trucks in 1979, this transmission quickly found its way into the ever popular 5.0 Mustang in 1984. Plagued with soft shifts and poor reliability,the AOD was not originally designed with performance in mind.
Nov 17, 2016 · Therefore, you aren’t losing out on as much power as some of the other rivals with a wider spread/gear ratio during shifts. It’s also going to help with a smoother operation when towing a trailer, which is something that both Ford and GM (Chevy) trucks will appreciate. The new transmission features a torque capacity of 650 lb.-ft.

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The ratios will also help you determine MPH and RPM in specific gears for racers interested in how much it will effect their performance. Those with a 5th gear near .63 to .68 are good for highway driving. A .8 5th gear is more of a 5th pulling gear versus an overdrive gear and used more in road racing. Stock T-5 (World Class) Transmission I've been trying to locate a gear ratio chart for the 3.03 top loader three speed manual transmission. Ford used them from 64 to 73 in their cars. Later in other products and I've heard that jeep used them until mid eighties. I'm looking for a second gear ratio around 1.5 - 1.6 to cooperate with my rear end gear and tire size, long story.
This transmission is part of a joint-venture between Ford Motor Company and General Motors to design and engineer two transmissions, a longitudinal 10-speed transmission and a transverse 9-speed trans-axle. Each company will manufacture its own unique version of the transmissions in their own factories.

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Jul 14, 2020 · The Bronco's 6.588:1 first gear, paired with the shorter 3.06:1 low gear of the optional two-speed transfer case and the shortest 4.70:1 rear axle, means first gear is good for up to 7 mph in low ... For 1969 Chevrolet replaced the Warner T-16 with a new Muncie-built h.d. 3-speed. Now coded as MC1 (not M13), it was offered with 2 different ratio sets. Most common was the 2.42:1 low (same 1st ratio as the Dearborn) but there was also a 3.03:1 low for use on lower torque engines (307-down).
It seems to me that the 3.08 is a little too high to run with the powerglide, considering that the powerglide has an extremely high "low" gear ratio (1.82). Seems that take-offs would be s-l-u-g-g-i-s-h, and the extra effort to get a heavy pickup moving with such tall gears would put strain on the transmission's clutches.

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Ford 26.4 7.14 21.4 31.6 3.03 TTEP8640 A highly evolved, extremely compact, and wonderfully versatile 5-speed that has stood the test of time, TREMEC’s T-5 first hit the scene in the early 1980’s as a product of the Transmission ratio is the ratio of input shaft rotation to output shaft rotation. Older 3 and 4 speed manual transmissions and 2 and 3 speed automatic transmissions have 1–1 ratios in high gear.
Available in 2 and 4 WD models. Used in Ford trucks 1974-85: F-100/F-150: 1978-1984: T170F (Code-RUG) Side mounted Overdrive (SMOD). Synchronized in all forward gears, with top loaded cast iron case. Used in 1978-84 Ford light duty pickups and vans. Similar in appearance to the Ford top loader transmission but has overdrive 4th gear.

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The 6R is a six-speed automatic transmission for longitudinal engine placement in rear-wheel drive vehicles. It is based on the ZF 6HP26 transmission and is built under license by the Ford Motor Company at its Livonia Transmission plant in Livonia, Michigan. The 6R debuted in 2005 in the 2006 model year Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer.

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